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We will take on six students each 2-year course,
commencing April 2023.

Applications for this year are now closed.


Mulberry UTC
64 Parnell Road
E3 2RU

How do I apply?
You can apply by either filling out the application form on the website, or submitting a video through the the same link.

What do you mean by Black and Global Majority?
We will use the term ‘Black and Global Majority’ people. This is the term and definition we choose to use at present, as it does not centre whiteness. We acknowledge that language and the way it is applied is constantly evolving.  We encourage the specificity of racial identity and ethnicity and look to a future of self-determination with no imposed labels or assumptions.  

What is a Performance Designer?
Person who is responsible for the whole look of the event or show, Is like being a production designer on a film also known as a Scenographer.

Do I need previous Theatre experience?
The short answer is NO.  
But we would be interested to hear if you have a passion for storytelling, films, writing,  spend hours in galleries, live events, photographing things on your iP
hone, concerts or any thing else  - please do share this with us in your application.

Can I continue to work in my full time job while doing the course?
Yes, the course runs 2 evenings a week and weekend day. And some private study would be required outside of that time.

Is there an age limit?

What are the ‘term’ dates?

Year 1
Mid Apr - End July 2022
September - December 2022
January  -  March 2023

Year 2
Mid Apr - End July 2023
September - December 2023
January  -  March 2024


Do I need to pay fees?
No this is free training.
Do I need to have a portfolio of work?
You don't need to have a portfolio of work, but we would love to see any examples you may have of things, ideas, projects you have worked on professionally and/or as your own personal project. We want to see what you are passionate about.
Do I need to have any / buy equipment to join the course?
We will provide basic model making and costume equipment, it would be necessary to have access to your own laptop.
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