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We are looking for mature students (18+) who have felt that they will not fit into the art schools and universities of today.

This may be because of high tuition rates, differences in cultural capital, a lack of information regarding career progression,

rigid contract hours that restrict one’s ability to earn whilst studying or caring for dependents.


We aim to remove these barriers by the following means:

Making tuition free

Respecting and engaging with the cultures and experiences of our students

Putting students face-to-face with leading theatre practitioners

Finding professional placements for our students within the industry

Making the course part-time over 2-years in order to help students fit coursework around other responsibilities

Offering mentorship beyond the course for as long as students would like


We are independent, different from a university post-graduate course,

and will not be awarding degrees and diplomas.

Instead, our students will train under practising professionals and will leave with: 

An extensive practical experience in how to realise their own ideas and those of other practitioners 

An understanding of contemporary theatre ideology and practice 

A chance to put into practice within professional settings

the learning and training they have accessed 

A peer-engaged network, which will mean that each individual has peer-to-peer support 

Most importantly, their own vision of what live performance could be in the future


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


The programme will be for Global Majority applicants who are from socially and economically challenging backgrounds. Our aim is that they will become the next generation of creative leaders in this field. The teaching environment will enable students to thrive through respect for how a person identifies and with an emphasis on the importance of cultural life experience. Teaching will be supported by an ethos of appropriate pastoral care.

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